Make & Take

With our Saturday “Make & Take” classes, you can spend a few hours learning to create a craft item from start to finish under the direction of one of our expert instructors. And when the class is over you have a completed project to take home and enjoy!

Natural Dye Class With Gina Levesque
Date: Saturday, August 17th 2019
Time: 10:00 am – 4:30 pm (Dyeing will run through lunch hour)
Class Size: Minimum 6 students, maximum 20
Fees for a full day class: $75 per student (includes all materials)
Please bring a bag lunch.
For reservations, contact Donna Hilton 405.822.8927

Lesser Known Natural Dyes
This class will explore the history, modern uses and chemistry of Quercitron (Black Oak), Osage Orange, Quebracho Red, Lac, Butternut, Logwood, Fustic, and Safflower. Though less known than indigo and cochineal, these dyes are just as fascinating.
Although natural dyes can be used on a variety of materials including paper and reeds for basketry, we will be dyeing 100% wool yarn samples in class. Each student will be given a small skein to include in their dye notebook. Participants are encouraged to bring small samples of their own art medium (cotton, reed, other types of animal fibers) to drop into dye pots.

Dye books, and dyes will be available for purchase. Students may bring milk jugs or jars if they desire to take home remaining exhaust baths. Students should wear older clothing and/or aprons.

We have ongoing Make & Take classes. If you have a suggestion for a possible class please contact the Art Center.

If you are interested in taking either of the classes listed below, please contact the instructor.

Drop Spinningdrop spindle
Learn the ancient art of turning fiber into yarn! Drop spinning is quick to learn, and a great introduction for beginning spinners; it is the method used for thousands of years, before the invention of spinning wheels. The class is $20, and we have beginner kits with a drop spindle and fibers available for only $20 – or bring your own and Cheri will teach you how to use it! Additional rovings can be purchased in our Gallery.
Class fee: $20
Instructor – Cheri French
For reservations, contact Cheri French 405.974.8891 /

Kumihimo Weaving
kumihimo2Kumihimo is the centuries old Japanese art of braiding, which over time has become an integral part of the Japanese culture. Its uses range from the functional – lacing devices for samurai armor – to the decorative – the obijime that holds the obi in place. In this class we will be using thin, round, leather cords to make a braid a cord, which will be fitted on the ends to make a bracelet.
Class fee: $20 / foam braiding plate: $30 / materials $5
Instructor – Donna Hilton
For reservations, contact Donna Hilton 405.822.8927